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Why Do I Have Dandruff | Where Does Dandruff Come From?

You have a date with your loving person; you are in the park and you feel that he will kiss you the first time. A breeze of wind blowing through your hair and the whole romance is in the bucket. But why? Because everything you now is still thinking, “Damn, now he noticed your shed!” It is quite normal to be unsafe if you suffer from dandruff. So, why do i have dandruff? See how the annoying dandruff is created and how you can get rid of them!

Why do i have dandruff? What are the causes of dandruff?

Do you suffer fast oily hair, sebaceous glands produce too much sebum the scalp? It stimulates the growth of skin fungi and these fungi speed up the renewal of the skin cells. The old and dead skin cells stick with the skin fat to the scales, which you then find on your head or your clothes. In many families, all suffer from dandruff. In most cases, inherited factors may also play a role in dandruff problem.

Dandruff for Stress:

What is now proven: stress is a cause of dandruff. The natural protective layer of the skin is disturbed by psychological pressure or stress. The fungi can multiply fast and lead to dandruff. If you have to fight with shed only in the winter: Season-dependent sheds are no coincidence. The continuous change between cold winter air and dry heating air irritates the scalp and leads to dandruff. But also wrong or too much care can harm your scalp.

You think you cannot care for your hair? Too frequent hair washing and improper hair care and styling products irritate the scalp. It destroys the natural balance of hair. Straight shampoos against greasy hair are often contra-productive since they dry up the scalp. Thus it stimulates the sebaceous glands thereby to an excessive sebum production. Also, brushes with metal or hard plastic bristles are harmful to your hair. These are responsible for the increased occurrence of dandruff.

Disease-related dandruff:

Take proper treatment if dandruff is resulting from diseases of the scalp. If you suspect your dandruff might indicate a disease, you should immediately see a dermatologist.

The most notable examples of disease-related scales are:

  1. Seborrhoeic Eczema:

Yellowish, greasy and unusually large scales indicate seborrhea eczema, in which sebaceous gland production is greatly increased.

  1. Psoriasis;

In psoriasis, the scalp is reddishly swollen. Moreover, the scales become small and white, almost like fine shavings.

  1. Neurodermatitis:

If the skin disease of the neurodermatitis affects the scalp, it dries out extremely. It causes the skin cells to die more and die from the head.

  1. Allergies:

Allergies can also trigger dandruff and redness of the scalp. Then it is to find out what you are allergic and avoid this allergy trigger in the future as far as possible.

How will you get rid of shed again?

The treatment of dandruff depends on the causes. If you suffer from dry scalp, you have to deal with it differently than with greasy scalp and dandruff. If you have dry scalp, you can use a mild shampoo without silicones. It will help to get the scales under control and soothe your scalp. Before bedtime, apply a few drops of olive oil with a pipette on your scalp and let it act overnight.

It is recommended to put a towel under the head while you sleep. The next morning, wash the olive oil with a mild shampoo. Apply this little beauty treatment once a week. For oily scalp, anti-dandruff shampoo works best. When purchasing, make sure that the anti-dandruff shampoo is not too aggressive. Besides, the scalp does not dry out too much. Otherwise, new irritation can lead to new scales. You should let the shampoo work for one or two minutes before you rinse it out.

We hope, why do i have dandruff is now a simple question for you. Do you have any other dandruff related question?

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