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Why Are My Lips So Dry? Dry Lip Causes & Treatments

Many lip beauty concerns often ask that – why are my lips so dry all of a sudden? The dry lip is very common in both men & women. It creates the disgusting situation with pain. Dry lips appear in the form of cracks, redness, dryness, increased sensitivity and so on. It is easy to avoid this problem if you follow some useful formulas.

Why Are My Lips So Dry

Why are my lips so dry all of a sudden?

Below some main triggers of lip dryness are mentioned. Check out the reasons to ensure the doubts.

  • Allergies:

Certain allergies are responsible for making lips dry. Avoid those kinds of toothpaste as well as lipsticks which contain phenyl salicylate. Avoid those foods which contain food ingredients like food dyes or food chemicals. Some toxic artificial food ingredients may worsen your lips. In order to ensure about allergies in your body consult with your doctor.

  • Body Dehydration:

Dehydration is one main reason of dry lips. Lips have no sebaceous glands since other body parts of the skin have. Lips lose moisture in a short time. The dry weather increases the tendency of dry, chapped lips. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily to make lips hydrated.

  • Mouth Breathing:

Breathing through mouth forces lips to contact with air. As a result, lips become dry frequently. If you have the disease like sleep apnea, colds or sinusitis, mouth breathing happens. In this situation, take proper medical treatments from a specialized doctor.

  • Licking Lips:

There have many people who licking their lips.  This habit makes lips dry by lacking water. If you are habituated with this bad practice, stop these practices.

  • Medicine:

Before asking question like – Why Are My Lips So Dry, ask yourself one question. Do you use medicine to treat depression, anxiety, pain, severe acne? If you use such drugs, these can cause lip dryness. Particular drugs may have some side effects. So, do you have any doubt on drug’s side effects? If you think so, contact a doctor for the suggestion.

  • Wrong lip care

From all cosmetics, lipsticks have much water and only a small amount of refitting in the basic ingredients. And the corresponding dyes also remove the necessary moisture from the lipids, resulting in brittle and dry lips.

  • Stress

In stress, the organism reverts all “irrelevant” functions – so first synonymous with saliva production. This can lead to damage to the lips in the long term.

Tip: Pay attention to a stress-free environment and schedule regular recovery stages.

  • Lack of fluid retention

A lack of fluid supply is the reason for brittle and dry lips. The thin lips do not contain any subcutaneous fat tissue, which could store moisture. Accordingly, the lips are dependent on a permanent – internal – moisture supply.

  • Lack of Protection:

Lacking protections can be one major cause of dry lips.  Be cautious about your lips in the case of the following factor:

  1. Cold weather: Cold weather is also responsible for dry lips. So, take care of your lips by protecting from cold wind.
  2. Hot weather: Similarly in summer days, hot weather absorbs liquidity of lips. Stay away from increased sun exposure in order to protect your beautiful lips.
  3. Longtime outdoor exposure: Don’t stay outdoor for a long time if possible as it creates lip dryness. Special lip protection can help lips from being dried.

Are Dry Lips a Sign of Vitamin Deficiency?

Vitamin Deficiency is one major cause of dry lips. So, now the question arise that what vitamins should i take for cracked lips. Your skin needs vitamin B-complex enriched foods which help in cell regeneration. So, try to add vitamin enriched nutritious foods in your meal plan.

Dry Lips Home Remedy:

  1. Use Proper Lip Products:

Before purchasing any lip balm, consider your skin condition. For outdoor activists, lip balms with sunscreen will be perfect. For cracked lips, the cocoa butter containing lip balm will do fine.

  1. Use a Humidifier at Night:

An air humidifier can be your lips’ best friend. There have different air humidifiers in supermarkets. Use this product at night to keep the humidity level balanced. In the winter season, it plays a significant role in air humidifying. This humidifier device prevents your lips from drying.

  1. Apply Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is also useful to fight against dry lips naturally. Use the coconut oil to your lips regularly for the better result. Carry on this method until you get the desired result.

  1. Cucumber Home Remedy:

Rubbing cucumber slice on your dry lips in the morning can help a lot. It contributes in hydrating your lips by keeping moist. So, try this solution for two weeks in order to get effective result.

After reading the entire article, do you have any opinion regarding – Why Are My Lips So Dry? Do you think there have any other important reason of dry lips. Don’t forget to share your dry lip experience with us.

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