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What Causes Dry Lips? Why Are My Lips So Dry?

What Causes Dry Lips” is an important question to get rid of dry lips. Many dry lips sufferers have it temporarily, others almost constantly. This symptom is not accidental at all, but a reaction to different causes. The reasons for dry lips can be external (environmental) or internal (physical).

What Causes Dry Lips?

Below some dry lips causes are listed.

1.) Lack of fluid retention

A lack of fluid supply is the reason for brittle and dry lips. The thin lips do not contain any subcutaneous fat tissue, which could store moisture. Accordingly, the lips are dependent on a permanent – internal – moisture supply.

Tip: At least 2 liters of fluid per day (water / unsweetened fruit juice) lead to fluid balance & reduce the risk of dry lips.

2.) Mouth breathing

Especially with colds (sniffing) and snoring, the mouth breathing occurs. Due to the constant airflow on the lip surface, the thin skin is stressed in the long term.

Tip: Identify the causes of nocturnal snoring or cold.

3.) Cold, dry ambient air

It can either be the cold, dry winter air or the lack of moisture in the heating air. In both cases, the lips are particularly stressed, as cold and dryness can damage the thin lip surface.

Tip: Use lip care sticks or lip balm or the dry heating air artificially enriched with moisture.

4.) Wrong lip care

From all cosmetics, lipsticks have much water and only a small amount of refitting in the basic ingredients. And the corresponding dyes also remove the necessary moisture from the lipids, resulting in brittle and dry lips.

5.) Vitamin deficiency (mainly vitamin B2 deficiency)

The lack of certain vitamins also can lead to the development of brittle and dry lips. This vitamin is mainly found in dairy products and broccoli. So especially vegans should pay attention to adequate vitamin intake.

Tip: A balanced diet prevents vitamin deficiency.

6.) Stress

In stress, the organism reverts all “irrelevant” functions – so first synonymous with saliva production. This can lead to damage to the lips in the long term.

Tip: Pay attention to a stress-free environment and schedule regular recovery stages.

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7.) “Licking the lips.”

Many children & some adults have this behavior. The “licking lips” leads to extra humidification in the short term, but the saliva film causes a rapid drying of the lips. The dehydration of the saliva produces the evaporation cold, which also favors dry lips.

Tip: Instead of the “lips licking” use a care stick or lip balm.

8.) Strong sun exposure

Especially on hot summers the strong sunshine can have a negative effect on the lips. Due to the lack of melanin (skin dye), the rays enter into the lips. It will cause permanent irradiation, skin cancer / lip cancer.

Tip: Before going to sun exposure use sun lotion for skin & take intensive lip care. Special sun protection in the form of balsam or creams is available in pharmacies.

Above all these reasons are mainly liable for dark lips. So, try to avoid these reasons to protect your lips. Do you have any questions regarding what causes dry lips?

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