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How to Heal a Sunburn Fast | Homemade Sunburn Relief

How to heal a sunburn? Sunburns are injuries that occur on the skin caused by the ultraviolet rays of the Sun. These burns are also divided into three types. First degree (red or pink spot), second degree (blisters) and third degree (death of tissues underlying the skin with deep wounds usually on the lips and other areas of great sensitivity). So, now the question arises that how to heal a sunburn.

Recommendations on how to heal a sunburn:

  1. Be careful with soap, because it can dry and irritate the skin burned. Your soap should be soft and need to rinse properly. Do not soak in soapy water.
  1. Do not scrape the skin. When you bathe, the towel should not rub the skin to dry.
  1. Drink plenty of water to help counteract the drying effect of a burn.
  1. Eat mainly balanced foods containing vitamin A so that the skin can regenerate.
  1. Check if you suffer from photo-sensitivity. Antibiotics, tranquilizers, oral contraceptives, diuretics, anti-diabetes products, fungicidal drugs increase sensitivity to the sun causing burn-like dermatitis. It is necessary to ask the doctor about the possible side effects or side effects of the related drugs.
  1. Protection from ice and snow. The sun’s rays reflected in the ice and snow can also cause sunburns in areas that are not well covered. So, it is good to use a protective cream if you wish to take a trip on a snowy mountain.
  1. Avoid exposure to sunlight without protection mainly between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm.
  1. Apply filters to factors suitable to our skin protection (usually 10 ° higher) at least 30 minutes before going outdoors, even if the sky is overcast since harmful rays can penetrate cloud cover. Apply the filter again as necessary after swimming or sweating profusely. Protect the most sensitive areas of the skin such as lips, nose, hands, cheekbones, ears and nape with hats, fabrics.
  1. Sleep well at night. Many times it is not easy to sleep in the area burned by the sun. So, to do this, sprinkle talcum powder on the sheets to minimize scratching and rubbing.
  1. Take care of the blisters. If blisters appear, do not keep it open because they may cause an infection. If so, the skin covering it should not be removed, as this is a protection.
  1. Prevent children under six months to stay direct sunlight for long time. Do not apply sunscreens to children of that age.

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So, Consult a physician if you experience the following symptoms.

•    Sickness

•    Shaking chills

•    Spots of purple discoloration or intense itching

•    Fever

•    Fading

•    Formation of very widespread blisters

•    General weakness

•    Burn that burns again or spreads (may be an infection)

If you notice one of these problems, take medication from doctor. How to heal a sunburn will be an easy solution for you if you abide by above mentioned recommendations.

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