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How to Grow Hair Thicker Naturally At Home?

Updated on April 24, 2018 – Are you searching for how to grow hair thicker? Here are some ideas for you but before reading hands up woman who is satisfied with her hair! None or very few, is it right? Who has straight hair would like them curly while many complain about the low volume of the hair.

Some Secrets for Thicker Hair:

  • Massage your scalp:


hair massage

When you wash your hair, never forget to make a deep massage of the scalp. Hair massage stimulates blood circulation, adds volume and brings shine to the hair.

  • Take care of your hair:

Do not let your hair to give unwarranted stress. Avoid drying in the wind too cold or the sun too intense danger of drying them in no time at all.

  • Use quality products:

For starters, try to use good quality shampoo and conditioner. Maybe they cost a bit ‘more, but that can guarantee your hair valuable substances and nutrients.

  • Add your diet with vitamins:

For making hair thicker, you will need to start thinking even to your diet. It incorporates with vitamins, specific for hair and nails, which will give strength & volume to the hair.

  • Do not shampoo every day:


Do not shampoo everyday

The habit of shampooing every day is wrong. As a result, it dispossesses the hair of its natural lipid protection. It can cause almost crushed hair over time. So, it is better to wash your hair every two or three days.

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  • Keep hydrated and nourished tips:

After shampooing, when you apply the ointment, make sure that it starts from the middle of the head to the tips. Avoid using the ointment on the roots, not to end up with dirty hair (and no volume) the day after.

  • Limit the heat of the dryer:

When dry the hair with a hair dryer, make sure that the latter is at least 20 cm. away from the capillary mass, otherwise the burning of the bulb and keratin scales. The temperature also must not be too high, but always warm.

  • Relax:

It may sound absurd, but the stress and lack of sleep also affect hair health. Make sure enough sleep and cut out space just for you. Your hair will thank.

  • Drink plenty of water:

Drinking two liters of mineral water a day body ensures proper hydration. It also provides healthy hair, soft and rich in volume.

  • Use volumizing masks:

Use the volumizing mask for 15-20 minutes on the hair once a week for getting healthy hair. Effective natural ingredients for masks are Aloe Vera (soothing), honey (nutritious) & eggs.

  • Wash your hair with egg yolk:


how to grow hair thicker with egg yolk

Use the egg yolk instead of the shampoo a couple of times a month helps to nourish the hair.

  • Add a few strands of extension:

If you want your hair not to have volume, in some cases, you can use the strands of extension with clip. They are practical moreover they change your look.

  • Eat well:

To have healthy hair, you have to eat certain types of foods. Bring to the table every day (alternating) spinach, broccoli, salmon, almonds, potatoes, eggs, avocados, bananas, beer, beans, extra virgin olive oil.

Final words:

If you change your diet plan as described, thick hair will be in your control. These are the main secret of long, thick & shiny hair. So, what is you opinion for thick hair? Do you have any suggestion on how to grow hair thicker naturally?

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