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How to Get Rid of Split Ends Without Cutting Hair?

Proper blow drying and styling, right care and a balanced diet ensure strong hair. But also the right hair care and a good cut can help to avoid broken hair. Let’s learn how to get rid of split ends without cutting hair.

The tapes with which we tie the cheeky horsetail can make the hair quite beautiful. Weld seams, metal joints and hard knots rub on the hair, ruffle it and finally break it. Hair elastics made from silicone or natural rubber offer good support without rubbing.

Even classic hair gums with a rubber band and a woven outer part are available without metal clips. If you create different hairstyles, the hair rubbers always rub in other places; so they get time to relax.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Split Ends:

There have some recommendations for avoiding split ends. Abide by the following hair tips to ensure beautiful hair.

Too high temperatures when blow drying the hair:

Hot, dry air sucks the last moisture out of the hair and leaves it brittle, dried out and brittle. Too hot and too short distance hair will get the typical “Frizz,” the hair looks dull. For the daily styling, use the hair dryer with a low and medium step as well as a cold air button. Hotter it should only be in exceptional cases. If you are in a hurry, you can choose the highest level and blow the hair with enough distance.

Caution with the hot iron!

Hair straighteners and curling irons are among the most popular styling tools. These give the hairstyle a shining corkscrew, wave or smooth hair in minutes. But they also make it permanently brittle. It happens due to the high temperatures and direct contact with the heat source. Spray a heat protection spray before applying the styling tools. Only select low to medium temperature levels. Only completely dry hair with hot tools work, because residual moisture would heat up.

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Pay attention to the cut:

The fact that a new haircut can cause split ends sounds initially bizarre, but is a fact. For some cuts, the tip of the hair clogs to the clothing or the body or is continuously clamped in the strap of the handbag. If the hair tips over the shoulders, typical split ends, they become pinched, break the hair at the exact point. If you want long hair, your hairdresser should avoid a correct shoulder length or steps in this area.

Hair Care: Prevention is better than cure

In case of brittle hair, daily washes can be stressful. Use shampoo with light surfactants, as the hair and scalp do not become too dry. Weekly hair treatments restore the hair moisture.

There have different products to fit your hair and correct balance. For your brittle hair, use nourishing care products containing oils and film-forming ingredients. Wash your hair at moderate temperatures and rinse it out cold. It will make your hair smoother and healthier. Certain foods and dietary supplements work against thin and limp hair.

Splits and damaged hair are a horror for all who want long, shiny and healthy hair. If you care for gentle methods during blow drying, styling, care and washing, you can cut or even prevent splinter ends and hair breakage.

What is your opinion regarding how to get rid of split ends without cutting hair? Share your split ends experience to hair lovers.

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