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How to Get Rid of Oily Skin on Face Permanently Naturally?

No more oily skin in your face. How to get rid of oily skin permanently? Stop thinking & just carry on reading. Sometimes you do not know how it happens, but you suddenly have a face full of shine. Our bodies produce fat naturally, to moisturize the skin.

The reasons for oily skin on face:

The most likely cause is in your DNA. Oily skin is hereditary. So, look closely at the skin of your mother and your father. You will see the origin of your oily skin in their faces.

During the menstrual cycle, it can happen that you are tending to greasy skin. It comes especially during the puberty wear and thus the so annoying pee. Or even in the pregnancy, menopause or new intake or the deposition of the pill can come to this skin change.

If you have one of those terrible days, do not worry about your skin. Because your body releases the hormone cortisol, which can drive the fat balance of your skin. So better to inhale deeply and exhale the dark clouds.

Finally, the (evil, evil) weather can be guilty of a glamorous skin. Strong weather changes implemented especially to the skin. So a heat rise, with possible humidity, can increase the oil production of your skin. Therefore be careful about excessive sunbathing.

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Tips on how to get rid of oily skin:

Now we have clarified the cause (or guilty)), the possible solution can look like this:

The basic rule is that even oily skin needs moisture. So never try to dry your skin by excessive washing the facial skin. In the end, your skin is only stressed and reacts with an increased fat production and your sebaceous glands also work high trances.

How to Clean Oily Skin?

  •     Wash your hands always thoroughly before cleaning the facial skin to reduce germs.
  •     Use an oil-free cleansing gel or cleansing foam, with which your face 2 – 3 times can clean mild day.
  •     The cleansing foam or gel should pH neutral or free of soap. Our skin has a pH around 5.5 and is thus in the slightly acidic range. It can protect our skin bacteria and pathogens.
  •     Change face towels regularly and it is not recommended to use a washcloth.
  • In your daily cleaning use only lukewarm water.

Deep care for getting rid of oily skin:

  • Do not use a mechanical peeling (abrasive peels) for your oily skin but a chemical peel.
  • AHA products, mostly in the form of glycolic acid, clean the skin and also still moisturize. The molecules are particularly small and thus ensure a very thorough peeling.
  • For blemishes, salicylic acid is recommended because it detaches the uppermost skin layer. It causes your pores to be opened but also the tallow can escape from the pores. Also, it has an anti-inflammatory effect which helps to prevent new pimples.
  • It’s best to put you to a night cream containing one of the two acids mentioned. Most popular in cream form.

Further depth cleanings with oily skin are only conditionally recommended. At this point, however, is healing earth mask to mention. It creates fats and oils from the skin and can promote wound healing (from pimples). Each has to decide how often he can handle such a treatment every month. The maximum number should be about four times a month not to dry out the skin.
Makeup should be bought oil-free and best in mineral powder form.

Final words about how to get rid of oily skin:

Drink every day at least 2 liters of fluid (except soft drinks). As mentioned above, your skin may be particularly greasy in the summer and tend to dry spots in winter. Since it is to guess your cleansing, cosmetic and beauty routine to adapt to the seasons.

For example, the facial water can provide the perfect freshness kink in summer, but it may lead to dehydration in winter.

If none of the above remedies solve, meet with a dermatologist for better treatment. A dermatologist can suggest some extra medication regarding how to get rid of oily skin.

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