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How to Cure Dry Lips Overnight | Home Remedies for Dry Lips

Do you have dry skin around lips? Do you feel dry burning in your lips? How to cure dry lips overnight naturally? The most common cause of dry lips is dry air. It may be the perfect winter air or by the heating system, heated air in your home. Due to the low moisture lips dry out quickly, and we get chapped lips.

Besides too many pharmaceutical products, there have still a variety of traditional home remedies. Natural treatment can counteract cracked and brittle lips.

To get rid of dry lips overnight, try the following of our ten best excessive dry lips treatment.

How to Cure Dry Lips Naturally?

1. Beeswax:

It protects the skin in a protective manner and thus provides a barrier between the skin and the cold. So, follow this treatment before going into the open, as the lips are protected from cold temperatures.

2. Carrot juice:

Freshly pressed carrot juice is a miracle for the skin – especially in the face area. The nutrients contained in the juice maintain the thin skin and at the same time protect against further influences.
Select freshly squeezed juice, since the direct proportion of nutrients in the classic drinks is considerably lower. So a few drops of the fresh juice are enough, which can then be applied for a few minutes and can enter the lips smoothly. Washing the carrot juice is not necessary.

3. Honey with cottage cheese:

Its antiseptic effect also has a positive effect on dry lips. It can significantly reduce the risk of germination. Apply honey to the cracked lips as a pure product in small quantities or combination with curd.

4. Vaseline or milking fat:

Brittle lips can be well protected by a direct grease, especially in winter. The Vaseline offers the best protection against excessive moisture loss.

5. Olive oil with egg yolk:

A further help against dry lips would be the olive oil; it has a very healthy and calming function. If you mix oil with egg yolk, the lips become not only significantly smoother but are also smoothed.
Apply the mixture of oil and egg yolk in a thin layer for a few minutes. Then remove with lukewarm water again.

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6. Humidifier, the remedy for dry cracked lips in winter:

As mentioned above, the particularly dry room air in your apartment is liable for dry lips or brittle lips. A remedy for this is the use of popular humidifiers.

If you do not want to buy any equipment, you can also put damp towels on the heating elements or let wet laundry dry in a classic style on a rack. So, it also transfers the moisture in the air and minimizes the risk of chapped lips.

7. Cocoa butter:

Cocoa butter is good for hand protection and cure for dry lips. This natural product also provides enough moisture and has a completely refitting function.

8. Gentle peeling using a soft toothbrush:

Before Lip Care operates effectively, it makes sense that the scaly skin areas are first carefully removed. For this purpose, apply a simple exfoliating cream to the lips with a soft toothbrush.

9. Sufficient liquid feed:

When the lips are dry, ensure an optimal fluid supply of about 2 liters per day. Liquidness not only has a positive effect on the whole organism but also has an effect on dry lips. In the case of the liquid always use water, teas or unsweetened fruit juices.

10. Grease sticks:

Especially on the go, the traditional marking pencils have proved. Because of their size, they fit into every trouser bag and are always ready to hand. The grease sticks provide the lip with necessary grease and immediately protect against drying.

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Final words on how to cure dry lips:

In principle, ensure that the products used – including fat sticks – do not contain any water or salt. For these ingredients, brittle lips or dry lips would dry out and thus be more contraceptives.

When brushing my teeth, I incorporate the lip massage. It stimulates the blood circulation and thus supports the cell structure of the skin. Already these two methods leave me with dry lips hardly ever. And if the one or other crack is noticeable, then I use honey every day on my brittle lips. It ensures a quick healing and good taste!

Do you have any experience regarding how to cure dry lips overnight? Share your story of getting back beautiful & smooth lips.

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