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How to Grow Long Hair Fast Naturally?

How to grow long hair fast?” – Many women (and men) ask this question every day. Hair growth sometimes just don’t go fast enough. Average grow hair about 15 cm per year, but what is true only for healthy hair. If you suffer from splitting or hair breakage, this can influence the hair growth and lead to hair loss.
With a few simple tips, you will be able to make your hair dreams come true!

How to Grow Long Hair Fast Using Brushes?

It is hard to believe, but if you want to stimulate your hair growth, a simple brush is enough! The regular hairbrushes contribute in circulating scalp better. It has a positive effect on the growth of the hair. You should also pay attention to the correct type of brush. Brushing with metal or plastic bristles will hurt you because they often get too many hairs with them. Brushes with natural bristles are exactly the right thing for you. It massages the scalp gently and loosens the hair without damaging it. Also, regular cutting at the hairdresser can cause your hair to grow faster.

The Right Care to Grow Hair Faster:

If you want to grow your hair as fast as possible, you should not overstate it with the care of the hair. Above all, you should pay attention to the use of shampoos and rinses without silicones. These can stress the hair too much and can break it quickly.
Styling with the help of heat can also cause your hair to split and break. In this case, the rapid growth of hair becomes disturbed. Also, bleaching, dyeing, hair extensions and permanent waves are liable for creating hair stress. If you want to grow your hair, you should avoid excessive chemical treatments. They simply stress the hair too much and break the hair growth. Just as bad for your hair and thus also its growth are extreme UV light as well as the wearing of hair gums and clamps. Both can cause the hair to be permanently damaged and quickly break down.

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How to Grow Long Hair Fast with Healthy Diet?

Since psychological and physical stress is the most common causes of hair loss, you should keep yourself relaxed. A good remedy for this is daily head massages. It develops the circulation of your scalp, which also stimulates hair growth. Also, some dietary supplements have a supporting influence on hair growth. Biotin, Kiesel deer and taurine, which are contained in most available dietary supplement production. As zinc deficiency can slow the growth of your hair, you should also take care to get enough zinc to you. It works well with food like fish, nuts and eggs. If you are not able to get enough zinc from food, you should take a zinc tablet every two days.

Grow Hair Faster – Without Miracles!

The rumor that hair grows faster and thicker after a haircut is only a myth. Whether your hair is growing slower or faster is primarily due to genetics. Similarly, it is in your genes how many hairs you grow. You cannot influence the growth speed directly. You should make sure that your hair is healthy – then the growth comes (almost) by itself!

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