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How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Lips Fast?

The dark spots on the lips create an embarrassing situation. So, it is natural to want to know how to get rid of dark spots on lips. There are many causes of this problem, but also many potential remedies, we will see here.

Possible causes of dark spots on lips:

  • Excessive consumption of caffeine-containing hot drinks
  • Constant lip licking or biting lips
  • Large amounts of iron in the body
  • Hyperpigmentation – where there is too much pigment lip
  • Using old, expired lipsticks: One of the main reasons for lip beauty loss is to use expired products. Do not forget to check the validity before purchasing your preferred lip products. Many people suffer from black stains in the lip corners due to using expired products.
  • The lack of vitamin B
  • Hormone disorders: For keeping our body healthy, it is necessary to control hormone levels all the time. Distortion of the body’s specific hormone can be the cause of lip stains. So, make sure of hormonal disorder after talking with doctors.
  • Smoking/drinking may cause signs of darkness
  • Cancer: In rare cases, black spots on the lips can be a sign of cancer. Usually, this will affect the lower lip and you will probably notice lumps. This is caused by repeated exposure to the sun and is perhaps more common among patients with jobs outside.
  • Allergic reactions to toothpastes/drugs: This problem can arise if people who have allergies use products. Therefore, beware of using products that increase allergy problems.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Lips:

Luckily, we can apply various natural home remedies to lighten dark lips.

  1. Many people have the habit of licking lip which results in drying up lips. Those whose lips become dry quickly, their lips can be dark. Chapsticks play a beneficial role in solving this problem. If you want, you can make a natural Chapstick at home. Vaseline petroleum jelly plays a vital role in maintaining lip moisturized. Besides, various types of SPF lip balms are available in the market to keep the pink lips safe from the sun’s rays.
  2. Use moisturizers and drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. Use Almond oil to hydrate skin by clearing dead skin. So, try to avoid the sun exposure as far as possible. If you need to work on outdoors in the sun, you can use a moisturizer or lip gloss with sun cream.
  3. It is proven that the smoking increases the possibility to have black patches on the lips. Smoking builds up dark shadows on your lips day by day. As a result, it can eventually cause skin cancer or infections. If you smoke or drink alcohol, you should avoid or reduce intake.
  4. One needs to be aware of hot meals and beverages, take time to cool down.
  5. Similarly, change your diet – if iron intake is increased, try to reduce this (Check any supplements you take). In the same way that you were using all the new medications that might have caused this change.
  6. You should also see a dentist or dermatologist. You will be able to be a screening for lip cancer or cancer in the mouth, and check the quality of all dental devices. If you need, you can also try laser surgery to remove black spots.
  7. A natural remedy you can use to ease skin scratch is to use lemon juice. Lemon is a natural bleach and its application to areas of the skin for a couple of nights before sleeping can efficiently lighten the color.
  8.  Apple cider vinegar works fine to hide the black spots. It contains natural bleaching skin tone solution. So, Apply vinegar using a cotton bar on black spots. Rub it gently & leave it for the whole night. Next morning you will find your lips brighter after washing.
  9. If you are a smoker, Rose Petals and Glycerin mixer can be a great solution. Glycerin fights against the black spots on lips. Squeeze some organic rose petals or mix rose water with the glycerin for the better result. Apply this combo pack for the whole night. Continue this method until the dark lines of your lips go away.
  10. Mix turmeric and nutmeg & make a paste. It also works fine in fading black spots from your lips.

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How to remove dark spot on upper lip?

Some people have seen black spots on the upper lip. This situation is particularly embarrassing for a woman. Skin cell-renewing cream is a great way to solve this problem. You can follow the following rules to remove dark spot on upper lip:

  • If you have waxing or saving habits, you have to avoid them.
  • Use SPF 30 or more sunscreen protection cream.
  • You can wash your face with exfoliating cleanser twice a day.
  • You can apply red light therapy according to the doctor’s advice.

Conceal dark Spots on lips:

There have many ways to get rid of dark spots on lips. But, of course, wearing bold colours lipsticks like red, or more coloured, like a thick purple – but avoid those that are old or expired.

It is undoubtedly an excellent way to eliminate it naturally. However, this may take a little longer time; it is very normal. It is expected that long-term solution is possible if we can follow the above-mentioned principles on how to remove dark spots on lips.

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